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Colleen Marzilli for ANA Director-at-Large

Why Colleen?

Colleen Marzilli, PhD, DNP, MBA, APRN, FNP-BC, PHNA-BC, CNE, NEA-BC, CCM, Med/Surg-BC, FNAP is a nurse with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She is passionate about Nurses and knows the American Nurses Association is the premier organization for nurses in the United States. Vote for Colleen as ANA Director-at-Large to advance nursing and health for all.

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About Colleen Marzilli for ANA Director-at-Large

Nursing Contributions

I believe that it is an honor to be a nurse. Nursing is annually voted the most trusted profession in the United States, and it is privilege to be a member of the profession. I have served the profession of nursing as a bedside nurse, nurse leader, case manager, nurse educator, public health nurse, and family nurse practitioner. It is amazing to be part of a profession where there are so many opportunities. I have served the American Nurses Association through attending membership assemblies, house of delegate meetings, and advocating for students to be a part of ANA. I also serve ANA by serving at the state and local level. I have served Texas Nurses Association as nominating committee, leadership succession committee, policy council member, policy council committee chair, and policy council chair. I have also served TNA as secretary. At the local level, I have served my district as secretary, social media chair, and president-elect.
My campaign centers around three elements that are inline with the mission and vision of ANA.
1. ANA is the leader for nursing and health policy advocacy.
2. ANA is forward thinking in addressing nursing and health issues.
3. ANA is the organization for all nurses and is inclusive in representation.
ANA is the leader for nursing and health policy advocacy
ANA is forward thinking in addressing nursing and health issues 
ANA is the organization for all nurses and is inclusive in representation

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